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Weekly Lecture Series

Every week, Sustainable IIT Delhi organizes a lecture by a Professor or a research scholar form IIT Delhi, who is doing research in the any field related to sustainable development. This is our way to ensure that the sustainability related research going on in our Institute is shared with the interested students; so that even students can interact with the respective faculty, make their suggestions, and get inspired to take their teaching outside of the classroom and help in making the world a better place!

We also invite guests from outside IIT to give the lecture on some special occasions.

Each of the lecture is preceded by a short documentary related to the same issue. We do not reveal the name of the documentary that we are going to show in the coming week. This is left as a surprise for our guests.


  • If you are interested in giving an Institute lecture, on any topic of your choice related to environmental awareness, please drop a mail to us at:
  • If you wish to attend our Weekly Lectures, please join our facebook page: SustainableIITDelhi to get updates of our events.
  • If you want to give suggestions regarding the topics covered in our lectures, please write to us at:
  • If you missed out on any of the lecture events but want to get a sneak-peak of the things that were discussed in the lecture, just click on the ‘Weekly-Lecture-Series’ tag and visit the blog-post for that lecture.



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