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Floating In Love


A dark, hazy night,
preceded by endless showers,
the ominous all, promising
a bright morning to come,
for the darkest had just passed by.

Amidst the soothing voice,
of the rains, the most pleasing voice
of one’s own inner self be clearly heard,
showers of inner peace, I call it!

Drizzled whispers of love,
blind feeling of fun, for
eyes were perhaps useless the night,
but other senses ,
knew it fragrance, and calm.

And the morning, as it had to be,
clear as thoughts after crying.
Mother nature had cried enough, perhaps!
Perhaps for better time to come!

Clear skies, blue, sans-grief,
lips of Mother Earth, smile!
Paintings, never seen, never will be,
the artist he is, painting on the widest blue canvas,
in white and grey!

We leave, or we enter,
the heart so splendid,
housing endless lives,
in endless ways,
that never die!

The flute of nature,
singing in unison all alive,
the hymn of life,
everything has a reason, a role,
that it can fit somewhere, splendidly!

Love it is, in all the forms,
hard-bound to soil, how roots,
mesmerize in the most complicated awesomeness!
How creepers crawl and cling,
hard and soft, high together!
Fell trees, no, natural bridges,
allowing crossing of barriers,
for one, at any instant!

In the most danger, the hopes of life,
a reason to live, realization,
that life has something still to offer,
perhaps something great still to offer,
to beg for, like perhaps the base land
in a forest, that always finds his bag full!

Enjoying the romantic streams,
twisting, turning, in its youth,
kissing the whitest stones,
coming and going nowhere,

Birds of colorful voices, and screaming colors!
Deer, who stayed, did not run,
teaching perhaps, the meaning of trust.
Same, perhaps, inside the glass,
that had brought everything here!

Call for waterfall, and the heavens answered!
Falling waters, rising hopes!
Climbing joy, echoing laughter,
Settling drops, settling minds!

Singing songs of love,
needless of words,
that words can’t convey,
emotions’ superiority, that allows,
communication with eyes,
losing oneself into those deepest wells on earth!

Gazing at the skies,
sketching beautiful shapes,
with a handful of stars,
the rest have perhaps either blushed,
and hidden behind the clouds,
or are sparkling right there,
down on Earth!

The world of efficient energy,
where doing things is lovely,
and not to do hatred,
anyone loses path,
and still can laugh about it,
for taking U-turns is easy!

Where you dream it, you have it!
Where wizards and vampires, perhaps rule,
and prove doing the impossible,
the reason for which,
none wish to even know,
coz love asks for no reason to exist!

Like a dwindling boat, we float
in waters of uncertainty.
The boat loves the water,
it kisses it and moves,
but can’t submerge in it right now,
even though it is its final destination,
it will get there, but in its own time,
right now it’s laden with people,
who need to cross to the other end,
more than it loves the river, right now!

Floating in love,
like that boat in a stream,
like that cloud in the skies,
like thoughts on a canvas.
Laughing lovely love,
the rolling, restful ride!

– Revant Soni


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