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The Destiny Of Nature

An entry from the Poem writing competition held on 5th June, 2011.

The Destiny Of Nature

I opened my eyes, shaking off the remnants of a dream,

The nightmare had been horrible and its vexation was extreme.

It had proudly portrayed the earth’s near-future doom,

How modernization was to soon overthrow dear nature’s bloom.

As the comforts and importance of cities multiply,

It appears that there is little that they cannot supply.

But just as one steps into the world of nature’s finery,

Is man able to creep out of the spell of modern machinery.

Can roads and buildings provide us air to breathe?

Have labs and industries any drinking water to bequeath?

Can King Kong and Simba replace gorillas and lions?

Doesn’t the chirp of sparrows surpass the hum of turbines?

Are towns capable of providing the country’s tranquility?

Then doesn’t the latter’s destruction signify man’s insensibility?

Why is man being oblivious to endangerment and extinction?

Why has he closed his eyes upon water-wastage and deforestation?

Are ozone layer and global warming not enough indications?

Are we to forever live in ignorance and self- destruction?

By deteriorating nature, we are certainly risking our own survival,

Let us reconcile and repent before the situation gets past revival.

Remember that the destiny of the environment and humans is entwined,

Save earth, save wildlife, save nature and consequently save mankind.

– Palak Bhatia


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