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Hoisting the Tiranga Once More – Independence Day Greetings from the Sustainable IITD Team

On this glorious occasion of the 68th anniversary of Indian Independence, Sustainable IITD wishes you a very happy Independence Day! Spread the joy of freedom to one and all! Our … Continue reading

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Climate Change: What the Science is Telling Us?

“Many people think climate change is a remote problem, but the fact is that it’s already impacting real people, animals, and beloved places all over the world, and these Faces … Continue reading

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How do you green the largest supply chain of the world?

Find out about how Walmart is changing its entire supply chain’s operation into a green one using a single ambitious project.

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How a tornado transformed a town

It was all peace and tranquillity on a quiet Friday night in Greensburg, Kansas. There had been an initial tornado warning over the radio, but tornados were pretty common in … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Sustainability

The global shift toward sustainability in business echoes well with companies wishing to create competitive advantage. But to leverage this advantage successfully, one must act across all the fronts and … Continue reading

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How Sustainability Is Changing Management

Sustainability is steadily changing the way the world works, thus affecting how business also works. In August 2009, the US military and intelligence announced that the greatest threat to US … Continue reading

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Nurturing Trees, Nurturing Lives Campaign

A tree plantation drive was held in our campus during the summer (pre-monsoon) months of 2013. This drive was held in association with the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and … Continue reading

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Floating In Love

A dark, hazy night, preceded by endless showers, the ominous all, promising a bright morning to come, for the darkest had just passed by. Amidst the soothing voice, of the … Continue reading

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The Plastic Cow: Movie Screening

“The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?”    – Jeremy Bentham Animals have been exploited by human beings since time immemorial and have been used … Continue reading

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Tour de’ Jim Corbett and Nainital: Memories

Its 9:10pm 15th Feb 2013. We are divided into two groups in the two buses. It was said we need to maintain the ratio of girls and boys in the … Continue reading

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Understanding The Complexities of Water Issues

First, let’s go back to our old school days and look at the Hydrological cycle: the water transpirates, evaporates and finally condenses back. The condensed water comes back to us, … Continue reading

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The Destiny Of Nature

An entry from the Poem writing competition held on 5th June, 2011. The Destiny Of Nature I opened my eyes, shaking off the remnants of a dream, The nightmare had … Continue reading

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